Subscribed Cloud Calendar Not Displaying All Events

Preamble ‘Internet’ or ‘Cloud’ calendars attract us by their ability to share events with multiple devices or persons. These calendars typically offer two access options: 1) your web browser on the publisher’s website, or 2) your calendar user client application with a subscription. There are many non-Google calendar clients (NGCCs), including Thunderbird. While these principles… Continue reading Subscribed Cloud Calendar Not Displaying All Events

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Unmask masked “password” form fields with Javascript link

Add this as the properties of a favorite or bookmark. javascript:var%20els%20=%20document.getElementsByTagName(‘input’);%20for(var%20x=0;%20x<els.length;%20x++){if(els[x].type.toLowerCase()==’password’){var%20test=els[x].type=’text’;}}

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