Obstacles to Truth, Freedom, Justice

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If you are comfortable in your current lifestyle and you trust corporations and your government to keep you safe and maintain this way of life for the generations to follow, then go back to sleep because everything is under control. But if you are in the least concerned that the ever evolving status quo may not maintain life as you know it, then you will have to assume the responsibility of learning what drives the policies determining our direction.

This will entail embracing your self awareness, and accountability. Listen to those fleeting suspicions that impinge on your moral consciousness. Recognize your value. Recognize that everyone else has value. The rules could be as simple as do no harm.

You know there is something wrong with your world when ...

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Wealth Inequality - is not inevitalble

Corporations - the benefits of profit culture

Independent News Media

Philosophy & Politics

Governance, Policy, & Government

Policy. Where is it coming from?

Crimes Committed

North American Union, signed March 23, 2005


Canada - Who is running it?

Finance & Economy

Modern Monetary Theory MMT, aka Modern Monetary Realism MMR, aka neo-chartalists

Taxes & Debt with Interest

War is the Enemy

In December 1917, Lloyd George [British Prime Minister] remarked to C.P. Scott [editor of the Guardian] that: "If people really knew, the war would be stopped tomorrow. But of course they don't know, and can't know."

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What you can do & what others are doing to right Inequality

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